Mattresses can be customized manually throughout your life.

Each of the 12 or 24 zones can be adapted to the changes or needs of the body and are completely adaptable and interchangeable manually.

The patented technology is a family of mattresses that can be customized and adapted manually throughout your life. They use our proprietary HW and SW tools to customize your mattress according to medical criteria. The personalization can be done in our showroom through the physical simulator - a bed with sensors that not only is able to recover the profile of firmness of the client, but of being configured to touch and test the mattress to be taken home.

We use online application tools alongside a tablet or smartphone.

The core of our mattress has 12 or 24 customizable zones - inserted in one of the faces - with up to 6 different levels of firmness for each sleeper.

  • NGlife Kids

    NGlife Kids. The personalized anti-monsters bed.

  • OBlife

    OBlife exclusive in Spain at Grupo Planeta. Personalized sleep.

  • NGmatt™

    NGmatt™. The mattress reinvented.

  • NGpillows

    NGpillows. Customizable pillows.