Product Guarantee

NGlife offers a two-year full warranty on all products, and a ten-year prorated warranty on all mattresses extending from the second year of the date of the original product purchase. Within the first two years, NGlife will replace the mattress if it has lost its construction qualities, at no cost to the customer.


Comfort Guarantee

NGlife offers a guarantee - Lifetime Comfort - versus - the standard 100 day trial of traditional warranties, thus eliminating stress and risk on the consumer's buying decision.

The mattress can be reconfigured during its life time based on the needs of your body and your state of health.

If after using your mattress for the first 15 nights, - minimum time necessary for a proper adaptation -, the client is not comfortable with your mattress, you can ask our specialized staff for advice on your rest profile through our virtual consultation and change The configuration of the core - tubes of different firmness.

The customer has a free year for the reconfiguration of his rest profile and can reconfigure it during its entire life with the materials available or acquiring new ones.

If the customer is not satisfied with his / her choice, he / she may request the return, within a period of 100 calendar days from the purchase of the product, assuming both costs - shipping and return - of transportation.



All mattresses are designed to be personalized individually or dual.


The customizable core with NGlife-sticks according to the needs of each consumer.


The profile can be easily reconfigured by each consumer at any time.