NGlife Centers

Associated centers bring knowledge about the human body and sleep for the development of NGlife products. His intervention makes our rest systems serve people as a therapeutic complement, preventive and improving their quality of life.

The centers that collaborate in the NGlife project are committed to it because they believe, according to their statements, that our research and our products offer essential health benefits.

NGlife is a living project, we are continuously researching to improve day by day. Health centers play an essential role in this growth.

There are three types of strategic partners that collaborate actively with NGlife contributing their knowledge for the development of different projects.

Certified Medical Centers

The Institut Proschlaf conducted studies whose results show that people who used the custom NGlife mattresses managed to improve their rest remarkably. In the case of living projects, in constant development, it is essential the collaboration of medical centers so that they can test the evolutions and certify that they are suitable for improving rest and health.

We have different bodies. Therefore, we must have a mattress and / or pillow that adapts to our individual physical characteristics to achieve a better rest that allows us to recover better and more quickly the energy necessary to face the day to day.

In order to provide these personalized mattresses and / or pillows, NGlife uses a simulator that generates a body drawing of each person based on their proportions and measures - also called an anthropometric map -. The results of the simulator allow to generate the specific rest profile of each person, based on which the firmness of the different areas of the mattress can be adapted to their unique rest needs.

Phases: Simulator -> Anthropometric map -> Medical database -> Rest profile -> Custom mattress

There are two options for obtaining a rest profile: a physical simulator or a virtual simulator.

Specialist health centers with physical simulator

The physical simulator is a mattress that incorporates a machine that measures the pressure exerted by the different parts of our body and generates a specific anthropometric map of each person. The data collected through the simulator are contrasted in real time with the database developed by medical centers collaborating in Spain and Austria, to develop a rest profile that will then be used to develop a mattress to measure.

Health specialist centers with virtual simulator

When a physical simulator is not within our reach, we can get our rest profile thanks to the virtual simulator NGlife. This simulator allows to generate an anthropometric map of each person by introducing certain parameters such as body measurements, sex and rest habits. The data collected are exchanged, in real time, with the same database used by the physical simulator, generating the profile of rest that has the information necessary to manufacture the custom mattress.

There are two possibilities for generating the rest profile through the NGlife simulators: go to one of our partner centers, or access the section Buy my mattress.