Who are we?

Descansare Sleep Lab is a research laboratory focused on the study of sleep periods and the characteristics and consequences of sleep, with a clear objective, to develop solutions to encourage and increase daily energy recovery through improved rest. That is why Descansare Sleep Lab focuses its efforts on the research, design and development of innovative and personalized products for rest.

Descansare Sleep Lab offers a differentiated and unique bet that allows to identify and test the needs of each person creating their own profile of rest. This allows us to provide a rest system - mattress and / or pillow - fully customized and adapted to your specific rest needs.

At present the manufacturers of systems of rest focus their efforts in the development of new materials. While this is certainly a very positive aspect, the rest systems that exist in the market today do not take into account the individual ergonomic needs of each person, thus losing its purpose: to improve rest.

In Descansare Sleep Lab we pursue a single objective: to improve your rest and with it, your health.

The role that the mattress plays in preventing back problems and sleep disorders is crucial, since it is the place where, on average, we spend more hours throughout our lives. Thus, if the design, manufacture and prescription of rest systems do not take into account medical criteria, or the individual - and changing - needs of each person, such systems will never become elements that help improve the health of people.

That is why Descansare Sleep Lab combines research into new materials together with medical research on the rest and ergonomics of people, in order to develop customized products and using the latest technology.