Concept. How do our mattresses work?

There are many manufacturers of rest systems that investigate new materials more beneficial to rest. There are many doctors and physiotherapists who investigate about sleep. However, no one has joined the knowledge of both parties to develop an innovative rest system that improves rest and recovery.

Mattresses made to order by NGlife eliminate the causes that affect sleep disorders and back ailments, helping to prevent them.

Materials research + Rest medical research + Technological development = Beds designed to improve health and rest

The research project Descansare Sleep Lab has created:

♥ Personalized mattresses according to the morphological needs of each individual.

♥ Mattresses that can be modified throughout their useful life to adapt to the changes and / or diseases of the users.

♥ Mattresses that help prevent back pain, as well as improve the quality of rest.

♥ Distribution system that allows prescribing and monitoring by health and wellness consultants.

♥ Products of last generation, affordable and universal distribution.


Incorrect alignment mattress and uniform

Incorrect alignment on firm and uniform mattress.

Incorrect alignment on a mattress by zones but not custom.

Incorrect alignment on a mattress by zones but not custom.

Ideal column alignment on a NGlife mattress.

Ideal column alignment on a NGlife mattress.

When a physical simulator is not within reach, we can get our rest profile thanks to the virtual simulator Descansare Sleep Lab. This allows by means of the online introduction of parameters - body measurements, sex and rest habits - the generation of the necessary anthropometric map that together To our data generates the profile of rest, necessary for the manufacture of the personalized mattress.

The sleep profile is automatically generated in real time by the specialized software Descansare Sleep Lab.

The software draws on accumulated experience through measurements of rest profiles performed at Spanish and Austrian medical centers for thousands of people. Measurements have been made to people of both sexes, over a wide range of ages and anatomical characteristics.

The results of the measurements are stored securely in a database, where our simulators access when a profile is being generated. This data contains thousands of anthropometric profiles - drawings of the human body - of people who have been able to improve their rest thanks to the use of custom NGlife mattresses. In this way, the software is capable of generating the ideal rest profile for each person.

The virtual simulator, thanks to the technology Descansare Sleep Lab, crosses hundreds of variables with mathematical formulas to minimize the deviation and generate the profiles of rest. The sample currently used has a minimum margin of error, which is eliminated in the physical simulator.

The physical simulator is a mattress that incorporates a machine that measures the pressures exerted by the different parts of our body and performs with the data obtained an anthropometric map - a drawing of the human body-.

To generate a profile of rest through the virtual simulator and thus to enjoy a mattress made to measure there are two possibilities.

♥ Access the section to configure my profile of rest in this same web portal.
♥ Go to a NGlife Center so that specialized personnel can carry out, if necessary and according to client, the adjustments they consider, in addition to a personalized advice:


♥ Personal interview.

Development of the rest profile

♥ Identification data record.

♥ Body measurement.

♥ Simulation of pressures and connection with the database of medical research.

♥ Adjusting the measurement.

♥ Generation of the profile.

Profile report

Manufacture of the personalized resting system and shipping