Be a NGlife Center

What kind of partners are we looking for?


We are looking for health specialists who are concerned about their clients and share our passion for helping people improve their rest.

If you are interested in being our partner send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at +34 91 0 810 251.


Who are our partners?


Our partners are specialists in health:

♥ They are aware of the need for correct back posture to rest and replenish energy during sleep and prevent injuries and long-term problems.

♥ They take the rest of their customers seriously and want to play a proactive role in recommending healthy habits and the right environment for a better rest as well as adequate rest systems for each person.

♥ They believe that a healthy and restful rest should be within the reach of their clients' pockets.

♥ They are also committed to the use or sale of sustainable materials, which help keep the air where they are clean.


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What do we offer our partners?.


NGlife offers its partners health specialists:

♥ Accompany us in the adventure of this first laboratory R & D that has developed the first line of healthy mattresses fully customizable for each individual.

♥ To have the opportunity to expand their therapeutic and health improvement work to the area of sleep and rest.

♥ The virtual simulator, a web tool that allows them to advise their clients what the core profile of their mattress should be.

♥ For those health professionals who want to go further and are firmly committed to healthy rest and have a passion for proactive diffusion among their clients and colleagues, we offer a powerful diagnostic tool: the physical simulator. In this case, we installed the simulator in the specialist's facilities and we formed on how to use the simulator.


Opinions of health specialists

Why is a good resting system important?

♥ Cristina Borque | Physiotherapist Collegiate | Fisiorioja

« We do not usually think about how important it is for our health to have an ergonomic mattress. As health professionals we can not leave aside anything that improves our quality of life »

♥ Nuria Sadaba Sáenz | Physiotherapist Collegiate | Fisiorioja

« Thanks to the work we do, we value the importance of rest. A custom mattress that can be overseen by a health specialist, with NGlife is within reach »

♥ Dr. Sánchez | Traumatologist C. 39/5427 | Surgeon Adj. In H.Valdecilla

« It is essential to have a mattress and a pillow adapted to our body. They are basic elements to recharge our energy and sleep well. A mattress that adapts to each body when we rest is the ideal platform for rest »